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Configuring Arris Cornerstone 1500

1) Basics

Connect by console, use standard settings(9600bps, no flow control).

In Main level configure password (default - empty).


set the authentication string(DOCSIS password)

  authentication "some_password"

Make sure CMTS will use config we type:

  admin                           //enter admin conf level
  provisioning-control use-nvram  //VERY important

After this step reload may be required or else other settings won't take effect.

Configure time servers

  time-rfc868-addr TIME_SERVER_IP
  time-offset num_of_secs //difference from GMT in seconds
  time-sntp-addr  SNTP_SERVER_IP
  back  //back to main config level

IP configuration

  ip-level  //enter IP conf level
  config-ip-address IP
  config-ip-subnet NETMASK
  config-ip-gateway GW_IP //not needed for normal operation
  back  //back to main config level
2) Cable interface configuration

Enter cable interface configurtion and enable it.

   cable-level  //enter cable conf level
   admin-status up
   frequency-split  //EuroDOCIS freq scheme
   frequency-split euro

Downstream configuration

  downstream  //enter cable conf level
  admin-status up
  frequency 450000000 //DS freq in Hz
  modulation qam256
  power 61  //output power in dBmV
  annex //configure anex
  annex annex-a
  back  //back to downstream conf leve
  back  //back to cable conf level

First upstream channel configuration

  upstream-specific/4 //US interfaces are numbered starting with 4
  admin-status up
  frequency 50000000  //50MHz
  width 3200000 //channel width 3,2MHz
  power 100 //CMTS awaits signal at 10dB
  exit  //exit to main mode

In Main level configure for EuroDOCSIS or DOCSIS mode(in this case EuroDOCSIS).

  cable europe //other choice is northamerica (DOCSIS)
3) DHCP relay

DHCP relay is not required but you can assign client IPs by modem MACs with this feature

  bootp-relay-control relay-tagging-enabled
  server-ip-addr dhcp_server_ip_address
  status active
  exit  //exit to main mode

That's it. Your CMTS should now work.

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